Good News

February 2015

President Obama gives a SHOUT OUT to Sheryl Garrett and the Garrett Planning Network.

Obama singles out Sheryl Garrett as an adviser who puts clients' interest first.

September 2012

Garry Good was featured in the Wall Street Journal article titled "The Game Plan: Illness-and New Priorities."

May 2010

Garry offers investment advice to new graduates in this Wall Street Journal article.

April 2010

Garry Good contributes to Robert Brokamp's discussion of the financial planning process. Click here to read The Motley Fool "Rule Your Retirement Newsletter" (April 2010)

March 2010

Should You Convert to a Roth? Pros Weigh In. The Motley Fool (March 8, 2010)

Garry Good and other advisors provide input on this hot retirement planning topic.

March 2010

Motley Fool endorses the Garrett Planning Network. Click here for more on this announcement.

October 2008

Investing in an Uncertain Economy for Dummies, written by members of The Garrett Planning Network, features two chapters by Garry Good.

This book provides investors with focused, individualized investment strategies that enable them to conquer indecision and protect and strengthen their current financial holdings.

To read Garry's contributions, click on the following links:

Chapter 55: Determining how much money is enough for the rest of your life

Chapter 68: Asset Allocation for your current stage in life

March 2008

Garry Good spoke to the Financial Management Association, a student group at Illinois State University.Garry presented an overview of a career in personal financial planning, described his firm's hourly, fee-only practice, and discussed the skills and training required to achieve the Certified Financial Planner™ designation.


Click here to find out what top financial journalists are saying about Fee-Only planning and The Garrett Planning Network.

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